1. Searcha is a scam.. i was fired from there after a few days for not meeting my quota of calls. they denied even to us that they were associated with NBO and told us not to tell customers at all. however, we recieved faxes and calls from NBO and found out that it was infact searcha.

  2. They are a scam, they keep hiring groups of people and then firing them. They are not interested in selling the product, more they want to create a paper trail and they put names of businesses on the website that arent even consumers. Why would this be? What are they covering up ?

  3. searcha is a scam. the office is filled with indians that are all related. they treated us as if we were to dumb to catch on to what was happening. after re-fusing to give us contracts to sign, and promising us $16 dollars an hour (atleast) and promotion within the first two weeks, we were all fired after 5 days work because we were asking too many questions. they rang EVERYONE after work on a friday afternoon and claimed the company was shutting down. shillandra singh did so many things that that are not legal in reguards to his employees, i heard collegues called stupid, slow and dumb in meetings. not too mention him along with his familly constantly denied any connection to nbo. we were told searcha had been using a call centre in india for 7 years. they were more interested in making sure we sent out info then actually made sales, the paper trail seemed to be there goal! i think we all no what shillandra is up to. considering i sent out about 65 contracts a day and only recived one actual sale but was constantly being told i was doing better then almost all of my colegues, i was sending more contracts out then most but making less sales. suspect?! i cant wait to get this guy and his familly in serious trouble, they should have been smarter then firing 40 people who all new what was going on.

  4. I was contacted by a searcha.co.nz staff member, a pleasant, professional young lady. She did a great sales job, and offered what seemed to be a good business deal, until I found out about the many complaints about this company being a scam operation. These compaints have since been wiped off this site and a whole lot of new ones added !

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  6. This Searcha business is a SCAM, I worked there for 5 days and they rang on a Friday afternoon to tell us that they won’t be needing us back on Monday, this was in February. I see it’s still happening to others,,please BEWARE. They interviewed us in a group where we had to read infront of others, then they rang to say we got the job. however no contracts were signed and consequently we had nothing to prove that they were illegally hiring and firing. I will take this further tho, altho I am now working and really cant be bothered with the likes of this guy Sillandra, he is a fake and a con artist.

  7. Searcha appears to be down today so I thought I’d check out a few things.

    • The Google cache shows it was down on the 14th.
    • The domain registration information still shows the details that the Searcha lawyer tells me isn’t true.
    • And the wayback machine shows that on 11 Feb 2008 Searcha used the same phone, fax and mail address that NBO use today.

    Yet these companies have no links whatsoever!

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