Legal Action

At the moment there are 2 separate bouts of legal action being prepared against both this site and

Some comments may need to be removed from the posts and I apologise if they were approved in breach of New Zealand laws.

For more information see the following:

NZBO and Searcha: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Legal Action by NBO and and the followup.

If your comment has been removed and you believe it is not defamatory or in breach of New Zealand’s laws please contact me: rainchx at gmail dot com.


  1. I received an invoice from

    I have been told by my lawyer that you can legally ask to be removed from their directory and they have to do it or you can take legal action. So maybe it is a great idea to contact all businesses listed on the website and nbo etc and have them take all listings off. Once there are no listings left they have no business anymore. It is a bit of a job but maybe the only effective way to get them stop this nonsense scam

  2. hmmm… guest who just got an invoice from NZ Look, same one as last year, same bank account, same Baycorp threat – is the post getting slower or they back in business? 1st July 2010

  3. Markat Promotions is not a scam, they are a legitimate publishing company that publishes and distributes every product they sell on. Scammers sell into fake publications, Markat’s publications are all real.
    Just because you may have had a bad experience with them, doesn’t mean they’re not legit.

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