1. I worked for this dodgy prick 6 years ago. I feel like a theft. Funny now as he refused to show us the cheques he wrote out for campaigns. dodgy prick!

  2. fah…shaune malloch?? …you wait man…your a** is gona get sued pretty soon….just wait and see…

  3. David, who are you and come and say that face to face if you have the guts,which i doughty very much, i no your chicken shit, but like all on here you don’t no shit from clay, take your hand of it after you get out of bed dick ,that makes u the wanker,

    Marky Mark your talking shit when and were did you work for me, show you cheques i have never been requested by any staff over my 11 years in business to show them cheques o but i have fucken receipts did you want to see thos, o thats right your dick head mates at far go have all my receipts because i gave them to them before the latest show, i have them here want to see them. we did all tranactions by internet banking for my clients with over a hundred groups i supported the only time i gave cheques out is when i worked for the nz police D.A.R.E campaign were i raised over 1.6million, fuckwhit. i would hand a cheques to them every week for when we had our meetings at furgerson house central police Station with police officer as trustees if you worked for me six years ago it would have been for camps for kids merryanna youth team trust Campaign, look up there site dick, that’s who you asked for donations for, and im fucken proud to support them
    o and the list goes on
    * St John Safer Schools
    * International Police Assoc.
    * New Zealand Ambulance service,
    * Plunket
    * Westpac Rescue,
    * Emergency Services,
    * Road Safety,
    * Students against Drunk Driving prevention work in 350 Schools

    * Motorway Patrol, Emergency lighting
    * Schools bus safety Programme,, initiating the walking bus campaign
    * Car seats for toddlers,
    * Waitakere D.A.R.E support committee member.
    * Waitakere Rotary, proud past member
    * Birkenhead Rotary proud past mem€ber
    * North Shore Blue Light Disco,
    * Safer Manukau,
    * Youth town Police Club,
    * A.D.H.D Trust library for parents
    * Te Roopu O Wai Ora youth programmes
    * Pakuranga collage Violence Prevention
    * Early Childhood Development Preschool child Abuse Prevention
    * Police youth education service YES
    * Safer Manukau Maori Warden Project
    * Toutoro School Kaikohe Emergency Safety Training
    * Auckland Mounted police Equestrian Family Safety Patrol
    * Sowers Trust youth Safety training
    * Presbyterian Trust youth safety Programme
    * Mental Health Foundation suicide Prevention
    * Taiaha Wananga Police youth training
    * New Zealand Pre school institution Subsidies abuse prevention programme
    * Police National headquarters School Road Safety Signs
    * Manukau schools Road safety signs
    * Child Development Foundation Reaching up reaching out and reaching forward programmes in schools Youth presenter work books for teachers all schools New Zealand,

    Parenting with confidence Attitude programme, a free attitude booklet and facilitator to every fourth former in New Zealand schools, and the Hardwired Drug and alcohol handbook free to all forth formers.

    * Agarpy’s Holmes Trust
    * Youth Team Trust Camps for Children 4 Camps for kids NZ wide
    * Glenn health camp
    * Disabled members
    * Life education trust Harold
    * Franklin Kids Safe
    * D.A.R.E New Zealand
    * Rotary NZ
    * Waitakere truancy services
    * Western heights sports
    * Woodward Toomey Trust
    * Youth in search
    * Champion centre
    * Prod-drive free Driver training at Pukekohe race tract through motor sport NZ
    * Alpha 5 one driver training Ardmore airport
    * Kidsline free telephone counseling service
    * LifeLine free adult counseling phone service
    * Christchurch city Council Road Safety programme trial lights at primary schools crossings
    * Child Cancer research
    * Animal Rescue Service
    * NZ Fire Service
    * Neighborhood Watch eye on crime publication
    * Northen :Lifeguard services
    * Drug Abuse Prevention

    Alize. come on then put up or shut up, i dont even no you , ?

  4. Shaune, I’d never heard of you before I stumbled upon the TVNZ article… but you are your own worst PR nightmare.

    I’d recommend you think before posting at 3am, write a draft and review it after a good night’s sleep.

  5. this moron is back annoying people on the phone.It is about time the police had a look at this guy

  6. There is a horse scammer named Jody who is operating from the Waikato/Bay of plenty area.he is currnetly working for a trademe user called warmbloodluver.This boy was on Fairgo about a month ago

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