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  1. hi there, what a relief i have found your site, nz look ltd has been sending me threatening lettes about sending me to baycorp if i do not pay a bogus invoice!!!! what can i do, this has really annoyed me, as i have spent time researching if this company exists, i want to send them an invoice for wasting my time!!!!, do i just ignore the letters? please advise me.

  2. I’ve been getting a hard sell from an Auckland based company called Sim Com Group. They purport to offer a leverage scheme that is fail safe and tax free (?).

    I don’t wish to do them an injustice and wondered if anyone has had any dealings with this company. It is similar to a company called Excel that did disappear with clients money!

    There is one negative report on the web and, their own web site leaves something to be desired. But nothing so far to say that it’s actually a scam of any sort?


    Richard harriszn@hotmail.com

  3. Yesterday in the Waitakere DC, Grant Norman King was sentenced to 18 months prison for operating a business yet again, as a 4 time bankrupt. This is not the first time he has been convicted of this, and as such the courts take a very dim view. This is a huge triumph for those defrauded by this man.

  4. I wish to bring to your attention that as the legal team for my client Alex Savage that we are filing for a block to be placed on this website due to one of your members slandering my client and unless you wish to fight us in court I strongly suggest that the removal of NZBOL New Zealand business online be immediately done within 7 days from tuesday the 29th of march 2016 including the search that shows up to respond please contact me either by phone or by email 06 2811753 temaimi@mail.com

  5. My client wishes to add that he will be applying to take over the .co.nz for NZBOL as this is available for his company and I was advised to inform you of this!

  6. I fail to see how I have slandered your client. I didn’t even know he existed until he came to this site and commented. It is unfortunate that his due diligence didn’t show that the proposed business name that he wanted to use was tainted but that is hardly my fault.

    I’m truly surprised that he wants to buy the actual domain but we have no interest in who buys it or what they do with it unless they break the laws of NZ.

  7. I see that you are still posting this page and my clients details, we ask that you remove all and any comments now as this will still make my client want to proceed with action and the 7 days is your chance to remedy

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