1. It appears Jody Albert is mixed up with a trade me member from cambridge and still scamming the public. The pair are selling and scamming people with dodgy and dangerous horses. Check out track2hacks. Rumour has it this person is also coming up on fair go.

  2. Glad to see someone is speaking out about these people. Warmbloodluva from trade me employs jody albert who also works with his mother selling unsafe horses and sometimes no horse at all, to people over the internet who pay and either receive nothing or a very different horse from what they believe they believe to have purchased. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS – BEWARE. I have had first hand experience and also know others who have been scammed. These people were abusive and threatening when questioned. They are known to the Rotorua police, and to be avoided at all costs. Click on the link and check the fair go report,

  3. By the way if anyone is willing to take this boy on give him a job or something to do or sort him out put your hand up or shut up !!!! I have taken him in to my own home he is learning to milk cows he rides my horses in no way !!!!!! has the way I rehome or treat my horses changed if you have dealt with me and you have a issue let me know ! but as far a Jody he is a kids that needs sorting and since no one else is willing to do it and I am would be great if you would stop stirring or your welcome to come get him and take him on he has NOT ! sold a horse that wasn’t there ! If you have any issues with Jody let me know I will bring them up and try to sort them but as for my things I do are the same as before and always will be the same, I rehome them the best I can if people are unhappy about a horse they are more than welcome to return it I currently have 12 horses anyone is welcome to come see them and their cond. etc etc get over your selves I am trying to fix this boy and help him get away from Family Members like Leigh Mohi from Taupo and Corrina who like to stir and make things worse for him OMG he is trying to fix things not make them worse get a life leave him alone !

  4. Hi i was wonding if any1 has information they would like to share with me bowt these poeple. ie. home address where i could find them? basicy a few months ago i went a pickd up a horse that was ment to be delived to me, after waiting a month for a horse to arrive i ended up going to pick it up, bt now have $200 owing to me for a delivery that he was going to sorting out for me, i startd to think there was no horse so yeh did the trip up there, pickd the horse up. all gear was included with the horse for $100 but gear was never recived either. i have my hores now which is going well he sold me a nice horse but now owes me $300, so if any1 could help it would be great because i just want my money he souldnt be able to rip poeple like this, please email me michelle_horsegirl@hotmail.com with any infor

  5. By the way this lady was paid back when she contacted me and it was sorted so no she wasn’t ripped off she got the horse and the money was paid back so as far as that goes

  6. He is now based in the Waikato and still scamming people. I fell into his trap and ended up buying a very lame horse from him that is un ride able. I have spent a fortune on vet fees but at this point it looks like there is not much we can do for her. Defiantly not the horse he described in his add. I would suggest that Fair Go do a follow up on this story.

  7. my friend brought a horse form Jody was at 1st a female horse but it changed to being a male horse, he is lovable but not what she wanted. why is he still aloud to do this.. she is now selling the horse which I have become fond of as 1st horse I have ever walked.
    some one needs to put a stop to him

  8. I recently purchased a horse said was bombproof was ment to arrange delivery but then said I had to pik up. I arranged a truck got her hea now I went to ride her she is Verry jumpy finally got on aND starter hard out bucking not a horse I was looking for.. very disapointed

  9. @Warmbloodlova get a fuckin grip hes fixing nothing hes still scamming people the thieving punk. He needs his damn bones.and face broken. Simple as your dumb as he is or you are him.

  10. He scammed me last year got over a thousand off me an didn’t do the work he was suppose to with my horses

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