Eye on Communities

The initial list of problematic publications was supplied to us by the Canterbury Eye on Communities which incorporates Eye On Crime The Official Publications of the Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Their contact details are:
Ground Flr, Latimer View House, 215 Gloucester St. Christchurch
P.O.Box,2282, Christchurch
Telephone (03) 377 3643
Fax (03) 377 5643

We are grateful to Eye on Communities for the work they have done and continue to do to shut down these scammers.


  1. seems to be a scam form a person using name David from ph 09 2672832,is phoning people and if they question the guy,he hangs up.Then if they phone back he also hangs up again

  2. Hi
    I have heard of a company in christchurch a friend told me about called eye on communitys they are in latimer square also used to be called eye on crime he worked there, they would sell ads in the eye on communitys and get paid $1000.00 a week part time!!! they would dontate $200.00 to neibourhood support and get over 100k in a magazine and did 5 a year thats a good business sad that they have to do it at Business owners expence. He and his mate that also worked there told me haow they would tell people they are the community constable to get ads!! They are taking it to FAIR GO about time these people got what is coming to them will see how they go when there own ex staff members get the media involved be carefull these people would send out lists of other companys doing the same as them they said it was the best way to get all the money coming there way!!! LOOK OUT THEY ARE OUT THERE

  3. Hi There,
    I have been called regarding an ad in this magazine just last week? Is this an on going problem – I have been ask to advertise in a Manuaku eye on the community to support police and local community?

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