1. The humour continues with another call to us this morning from “Harry Batt” of National Business Online on a very bad line.

    He happily gave us a number to call back on (09) 309 4563 and confirmed the 87/89 Albert Street address.

    The fees are now $75 per year, but last time we paid $189 (yeah, right).
    432 people had seen our listing.

    I guess it’s easier to give us reason to talk about NBO than it is to clean their call sheets. The laziness is astounding.

    On a brighter note, I have someone who is interested in talking to any current or past staff of NBO. Please email me sarah @ itamer . com if you’d like me to put you in touch.

  2. Sick of being harrased by NBO? contact Sara Calman at the commerce commission if theres enough of use calling her they will do something about it, she emailed me to let me know they were interested in investigating them.
    ph;0800 943600
    fax;04 9243700

  3. Same here! We have been listing with these guys for the past 2 years…. YEAH RIGHT!

    We never have and never will!
    When advised by us that we choose not to advertise with them the guy sounded like he was going to cry 🙁

    NBO is a scam.
    I don’t mind their business directory idea, but lies are lies and it shows the intent to mislead their customers. That is enough of a scam for me.

    $75 for a directory listing is a good price, they could just start off with a good business model and grow a real business like the rest of us have.
    But lies are lies and you can’t trust anyone that talks like their phone sales reps do.

  4. A person phoned our office today also telling us that we had subscribed & paid for this online service 2 years ago. Alarm bells rang – I knew nothing about paying for this service previously. He also said that we had paid $200 & something last time but this time we would only have to pay $150 for a futher 2 years.
    He faxed his forms through to us at the office to be signed & returned. Yeah right.
    I discovered when I did a search regarding NBO that it was listed as a scam which I suspected anyway.
    It seems that nothing stops these guys – they lie & have no conscience & even target churches & charitable trusts.

    People beware & do not get suckered in! If in doubt always check it out.

  5. I had a call from a pleasant sounding female sales executive from http://www.searcha.co.nz today. She did her job really well and it sounded like a great offer. However after finding these negative comments here, I’m witholding faxing the application form back, until such time it can be proven that they are a bona-fide advertising business.

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