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The NZ Herald’s Sideswipe column raises the alarm on a “Who’s Who New Zealand” which is using questionable techniques to lure advertisers.

Well-connected ‘business’

Roger writes: “Someone called Jessica Smith has faxed us here in Ngaruawahia to tell us that our ‘business’ has been selected to be included in the 2010/2011 edition of ‘Who’s Who New Zealand’.

Our candidacy was approved on April 9 and Jessica tells us that this was done ‘by the Managing Director from information obtained from researched executive and professional listings’. This is very flattering but I am not sure how they arrived at this information.

Marist Brothers listed in the Waikato phone book is actually a two-man community of Catholic religious Brothers.”

Vanity must be the last reason for any company to advertise anywhere. Just because you’ve been “selected” doesn’t mean the publication is any good or that you will get value for money.

If you are contacted by this company please leave your feedback – are they legitimate but have lame marketers or is there a REAL problem?


  1. I also just received the same fax. On searching who’s who in NZ I only came up with a Nelson company who published a book in 08 which you had to pay for to advertise in. There is no cost according to the fax to be listed, however I am very wary of giving any information to a company that is unable to be contacted and doesn’t have any kind of listing anywhere. I wonder what they are actually after and why?

  2. I received the fax yesterday. Interesting, we are not listed on the telephone book under the company name. I wonder how they got our number. Of course I thought that it was a scam: the fax is addressed to: The Director/Manager and no company name is added, nor the reason why they chose to list your company is clear. Jessica Smith as ‘Profile Director’ of the Office of Pubblic Affairs should learn how to be smarter….

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