BidNZ – the Singh boys try something new

BidNZ is an auction site that has recently been launched extremely quietly but boasts a good number of auctions. Of concern are forum posts claiming that their telemarketers have been trying hard to get people’s email addresses. I guess it can’t be spam if they plead that “on Feb xth you gave your email over the phone”.

The website sports the usual terms and conditions but its a concern that the contact page only allows contact via the website. No phone numbers, no street address.

A dig down finds is owned by NZBO and Jitendra Singh. Why, then, does Vinnieg give Shallendra Singh as the owner in his post on 5th Jan ’10 at GeekZone? Press F1 – the online forum for PC World magazine has complaints about the telemarketing too:

I haven’t found any complaints about the BidNZ auction site itself, but it’s early days yet. Let me know either way, I’m always hopeful they’ll find something legit to occupy their time. Maybe this is it!

Edit: Through a Twitter search I realise BidNZ has a sister site: The NZ contact details are fictitious but for I know Sandeep Shetty, the technical contact, may well be “Next to Andheri Subway”. What is concerning is that the classifieds site shows they are still operating directories.

twitter bidnz Jitendra Singh is another site they’ve created to promote BidNZ.

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