Search into online scam

It took 5 years and 257 complaints but the Commerce Commission have finally acted on NBO and all the spin off “businesses” operated by Shallendra Singh, Jitendra Singh and Sonia “All I ever did was work for him” Klair who just so happens to also be known as Sonia Singh.

Search into online scam

A fashion model’s internet business has been raided by the Commerce Commission in an unprecedented crackdown on alleged large-scale invoicing scams.

The glamorous 31-year-old is a model with Auckland agency Clyne, and is the sole shareholder and director of NZ Look Ltd, which publishes an internet directory.

On Tuesday, commission staff served a search warrant on NZ Look premises and removed 15 boxes of documents.

Klair, also known as Sonia Singh, had previously worked with other internet search directories that are also now caught up in a legal dragnet.

Klair refused to confirm her business was the subject of an investigation.

“Even if it is or isn’t, what’s that got to do with anything?” she said.

Stuart Wallace, enforcement manager of the commission, said five addresses in the Auckland region had been served with search warrants in an operation this week.

“Our staff have uplifted a great deal of material – there are computer records and a large number of documents,” he said.

The searches relate to internet search directories National Business Online (, New Zealand Business Online ( and NZ Look (

Read the rest  of the article online at the NZ Herald.


  1. Wow Outstanding job Sarah , you were after them for 5 long years , Bravo , Proud of you that people like you are making online community a more safer place.

  2. Looks like this business is just remaking itself. I just got a call from Samantha at U Ask Polly ( asking me if she could send a fax to sign up for a 2 year listing – she said they had renamed the business as NZlook has been closed.

    Business phone number on the fax – 09 354400, fax number 09 3544003, email:, Website is not yet up and running!

    Same old prices 99.00 for a 2 year listing.

  3. Sonia phoned me the other day and although the conversation was somewhat heated she did tell me that NZLook advertisers had been refunded.

    Sonia’s call had caller id blocked and after I’d hung up on her she continued to ring, not speak and just hang up. In a crowded office this was causing embarrassment so I turned my phone off. She then left me this message (click to listen)

  4. Hadn’t needed to review this post until today. I mentioned a couple of comments up that was registered to a different person. Silly me, I didn’t research that thoroughly enough. It appears that Sonia Klair now uses the following aliases.

    • Pardeep Kaur (
    • Sonia Pardeep Kaur
    • Pardeep Kaur Singh

    Its worth noting that she appears to have abandoned that project – possibly to start U Ask Now.

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