The new NZBOL is not the old NZBOL!

This blog has suddenly been woken from the dead by someone called Te Ma’imi purporting to be legal counsel for a chap called Alex Savage who runs a directory called NZBOL.

I wouldn’t normally create a page for Alex Savage because he’s done nothing to attract attention with his directory but as his counsel is claiming I’ve slandered him I feel I need to have my information in one place.

Let’s create a timeline

  • October 14th, 2015
    Alex Savage discovers this blog and makes an announcement that he has a new directory, hosted on Weebly, with the same name (but not domain) as the 2009 directory.
  • October 14th, 2015
    I respond – and wanting to be sure that Alex Savage is, indeed, a separate person to the notorious Singh brothers and ex-wife Sonia Klair I do a bit of digging. I find two sites and link to them with a short comment about each. – Alex Savage is noted as the Secretary. If you click the link on his name you go to this facebook page.

    The second site is another Weebly hosted site for Savage Breweries and there is very little information about them but they have this on their about us page:

    savagebreweryWith this information in hand, I can be pretty confident that I’m dealing with a completely new person.
  • October 14th, 2015
    Alex Savage posts on the Fair Go facebook page clearly linking him as “the Alex Savage” behind the Weebly hosted site.savage-fair-go
  • March 26th, 2016
    Te Ma’imi makes a flurry of comments on posts in this blog using a throw away email address and giving a phone number that links back to Savage Kiwis Frozen Foods (another Weebly hosted site). Te Ma’imi had clearly stated that s/he is the legal counsel for Alex Savage so I find it really strange that s/he wants me to contact the client rather than his/her offices on the phone number given: 06 2811753.

  • March 26th, 2016
    Te Ma’imi makes another comment appearing to want to distance his/her client from the Right Wing Resistance blog that still lists him as Secretary.
  • March 26th, 2016
    Te Ma’imi advises that his/her client actually wants to buy the tainted domain which seems extraordinary given that Alex Savage has already discovered that the domain and associated business names will forever be linked to the Singh brothers.
  • March 26th, 2016
    To top it all off the Alex Savage’s version of NZBOL is a crowdfunding platform these days and not a directory – therefore, any association with the 2009 site is well and truly scrapped.

None of the information I list is privileged in any way, all the links were found using Google and the pages are visible to casual visitors. I haven’t had to get a membership, or sign in to see the information or take the screenshots shown on this page.

This is going to be an interesting one to follow.


  1. I’m pleased to see that Alex Savage isn’t letting this little niggle put him off forging ahead with his plans – he’s actually recruiting. Anyone interested?


  2. I wish you all the best for what is coming for you! i have contacted the police and we will be seeing you soon crazy women!

  3. you have done one very bad thing here, do you know what that is lady, you have violated my personal life and my business including the website of a political party of New Zealand, so therefore we will be taking you to court no more chances for you sorry!

  4. how about this then Nigel restraining order and this site is coming down for posting stuff that is my intellectual property as we as a green light and go ahead for Sarah King see you soon and in court as the have been place with the courts and having this here is in breach so Sarah you crazy lady i will say the the paper work is on the way!

  5. I do not care for the Streisand_effect here as this women is posting my personal info on a scammer site and that is not right as that makes my business what the hell , look like a scam when it is a legit legal business why would you do such a thing to a person for no good reason but to slander them this is so upsetting so i will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and i will win!

  6. I did nothing to you Sarah but make a comment about the page and ask you to remove it so see you in court and be warned a green light mean i have already set that eye on you with a number of law firms

  7. funny thing here is that slander has now been overwhelmingly proven with what you have posted Sarah so now you will see how crazy i am!

  8. I can’t see why you want to protect the Singh brothers and Sonia Klair from their past misdeeds. I quite clearly show that you are not involved with them. The information I have shown was available in October ’15 and in March ’16. If it was private I wouldn’t have been able to see it. I see you’ve now taken down those sites which confuses me. I have no personal beef with you. I have not called you names or made personal judgements. All I have done is shown that you are you and not related to the 2009 version of NZBOL.

    In the meantime I’ll wait to hear from your legal counsel Te Ma’imi and work through the proper channels.

  9. you women this now has to do with what you have done to me and my business it has nothing to do with what you on about and fuck you as i am over being nice with you cunt!

  10. you will have your ass handed to you publicly cunti,, so angry that your going down for what you have done

  11. It seems Te Ma’imi has declined the opportunity of further work from Alex Savage. It’s really important to note that Alex Savage claims to have started his version of NZBOL in 2014 yet the first I knew of it was in October 2015 and apart from a few comments on this site on that day nothing has happened. This page and all the comments are on it are because he stirred things up. I want nothing more to do with him but I will not rewrite history and let the Singh brothers and Sonia Klair off the hook for their actions between 2005 and 2009.

  12. Once again you have posted my personal contact details on this site without my permission and as well as that you have shown a total disregard for peoples privacy and business, I have your restraining order under way and and address will be required Sarah King, I will say this on here though so that anybody using my business will make up their minds in regards to this blatant bull crap that you are posting and that you are not to be taken seriously as your clearly showing a lack of any sort of consistent proof to why my company , name and details should be on this site in the first place, I do not in any way what so ever give you the say so to post any of my details and ask that you remove them all before this goes future than you will like!

  13. “Once again”?
    Really, I’ve posted nothing new. Most of your private info such as your phone number was posted by your legal counsel. I’m more than happy to communicate with him/her via an email from a known legal firm rather than one from I did a search at the New Zealand Law Society and found nothing so you’ll have to provide me with the info.

    Oh, and “my consistent proof” is that you aren’t linked to original site – and your customers will see and understand that. The only reason you are mentioned on this site at all is because you left comments that also distanced you from the original site, something I have verified and been very open about.

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