The IRD like cold hard cash

Stuff have an article about a scam involving iTunes vouchers.

$8000 in iTunes to pay tax? iDon’t think so

The scam plays out like this

  • Phone rings, it’s the IRD, you owe us mega bucks and there’s a warrant out for your arrest
  • Pay us in iTunes vouchers to make this problem go away
  • Victim buys vouchers
  • Victim phones back with the codes

Don’t be a mug – anyone who wants to be paid using something other than actual money is a con. Go to the Police. Even if there is a warrant out for your arrest it’s far better, and safer, to go through that rigmarole than to risk being sucked in.

Be the good guy – If you are in a shop and you see someone buying a bundle of these have a chat with them. Maybe they have 80 grandchildren and they’re generous, but it’s far more likely that they’re being scammed.


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