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I just had two calls from “Mary” saying she was doing a More FM survey on what kids do at school and we could win prizes for the best one. Didn’t sound right. Survey people don’t usually call from a cellphone to a cellphone. When queried about this she said it was the best she could do “when the phones are down”.

I asked if there was anything on the More FM website that talked about the survey. “Yeah”, when I said I was looking at the website and could she tell me where to find it she hung up.

Her number is 022 xxx 3435 (obscured because I don’t want to create more problems).

If it is legit I’ll remove this post but its after business hours so I wanted to put a warning out now because she is targeting children.

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  1. Annoying stuff. Had the same number calling me an and on, looked it up on and found out I´m not the only one who is being harassed by them. Next time they called me I played the stupid, driving the guy on the other end up the wall by asking stupid questions back 😉 better report all these numbers to tellows in order to protect each other.

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