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Shallendra Singh has turned up operating another directory in Australia. His new site is called ABOL – Australian Business Online and running from abol.com.au

At the moment it gets a “Questionable” status but given his record in New Zealand there is no reason to think he’ll be going straight with this one. Lets hope the Aussies aren’t as trusting as us!

The WhoIs information shows him deliberately mistyping his name – to avoid detection perhaps? Spell it Shailendra Singh or Shallendra Singh, it’s the same guy, he gives the contact email as info@searcha.co.nz. There’s one other domain registered to his Australian company “ANZBD Limited” but at present I’m not sure what it is or how it will be used… well, ok, I know how it will be used 🙂

I’d be very keen to hear from anyone who has dealt with this site.


  1. I just checked the “Way back machine” and it appears that the ABOL website has been operating since mid 2007. Back then they used their Greenlane contact details.

    Funny how nobody has raised a red flag on this earlier? Are they running properly over there?

  2. holy crap now hes fooling people across the ditch… avoid this at all costs!!! it is a massive scam. i am an ex employee

  3. I can only give facts but have something to say;

    > I received a ABOL invoice in the mail the other day (last week)
    > It states I listed us into their directory – I have no recollection of this. I figured some detail would be listed in my email (I keep all emails) but came up naught.
    > ‘My’ listing on ABOL only shows PO Box and company name – kinda weird considering I would have ensured site address would be present at least.
    >The only thing in the letter was the invoice, no real details about ABOL except their rather information lacking disclaimer, no introductory/marketing flyer, nothing.

    For me, it rings alarm bells big time.

    If it is a scam, it is pretty good – assuming 500k invoices and 20% make payment, @$100 per invoice, this is $10M..

  4. I received an invoice from ABOL.COM.AU which I regard as fraudulent. My investigation of who is behind it is at http://mike.brisgeek.com/2009/08/24/abol-fake-invoice-scam/

    My blog post also includes a link to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch website. The ACCC needs to know how widespread this scam is before taking action. If you have seen it, report it.
    .-= MikeFitz´s last blog ..Australian Business Online Unsolicited Invoice Scam =-.

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