Auckland’s Anti Fraud Department

Just had a call from someone claiming to be from the “Anti Fraud Department in Auckland” and they are concerned that we are getting lots of telemarketing calls.
“Have you been involved in any fraud or scams?”
I couldn’t quite bring myself to play along so the call was short – she hung up on me. Obvious ESL and VOIP. Would love to hear from anyone else getting one of these.


  1. Hi there,
    I got a call on mobile from a lady claiming to be from the Recovery Dept and she has lots of our personal information and when asked her to contact by post, she got quite angry.
    Her phone number is 098011370.

  2. Yes same here. It was an Indian accent male. Saying they were from the anti-fraud Recovery Department level 1 21 Queen St Auckland. He told me they had money recovered for me which they were holding. I replied that he could be anyone and how was I to know he was legitimate. He then turned it around and claimed that I was not who I said I was claiming to be. I hadn’t said who I was at that stage. He then hung up. Obviously a scam.

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